This weekend, District 2240 hosted this year’s Rotary Youth Exchange Programme inbound students in Strecno, Slovakia for the annual orientation weekend. The district welcomes 82 students this year from all over the world. District 2240 is proud to be the most active Rotary district in the world, as we send or receive more exchange 
students per Rotarian than anywhere else. Inbound students were given the oppotyunity to meet each other and other Youth Exchange Officers (YEOs) in the district, while also learning the ins and outs of life in Czech Republic and Slovakia. YEOs, a few of whom are first-timers, attended a seminar preparing them for leading each club’s inbound students.
District Governor, Vladimir Adamek and Youth Exchange Chairperson, Jaromir Barak offered RCPI’s own Radka Rajska the role of Family Exchange Chairperson for District 2240, which she proudly accepted. Sanan Phutrakul was also offered and accepted the role of New Generations Service Exchange (NGSE) Chairperson for District 2240. Both will be working to increase the number of family exchanges and youth internships between districts. RCPI wished them and all the students in YEP a very productive year.