Rotary Club Prague International hosted 20 members and 11 guest.  They all came to listen to Radka Machova, the only women pilot leading formation the world for The Flying Bulls team.
Radka Machova has to keep her eye on the ball at all times. Three other pilots looking to her for instructions as they fly within a hair’s breadth of each other.
The Czech pilot, who got her wings while studying at the University of Transportation, Air Transport Department in Žilina, Slovak Republic, stays calm under pressure and has a lifetime’s experience in the cockpit to call upon, when things get tough. Radka shared with us her view on how 15 minutes of flying equals to 8 hours of mining as formation aerobatics is the most challenging way of flying.  She mentioned how she succeeded after a 67 years old colleague of her resigned, testing male pilots first and only after their failure Rada was successful.

Did you know that in order to perform aerobatics overseas, it takes them 3 days to disassemble the plane so that it can be shipped by sea container, then the team have to assemble the plane, perform for three days and then disassemble the plane again?  Each member is responsible for his/ her plane assembly!
Incredible stories, inspiring personalities.  Come to RCPI to be part of the group that combines charity with inspiration!
Contact Sanan at if interested in coming.
Linda Štucbartová, Club Secretary