RCPI has set itself the objective to continually innovate and be a thoroughly modern and innovative Rotary club. The format of meetings has been adapted to include meetings where members very actively participate including poetry readings. Activities including walking and cycling are taking place for members to meet anc enjoy themselves. Fund raising events for good causes are at an all time high and yesterday the club took another step towards embracing technology by hosting the first Board Meeting where participants were not only physically together at our normal meeting place but also joined the meeting via Skype. The experiment was a total success. Thanks to RCPI President, Peter Smejcky, who set up the cameras and microphones the quality of the participation experience was excellent. This allows members who are traveling abroad to join and be part of RCPI even when they cannot be physically in Prague. On this occasion a member joined from a business trip to Budapest. Innovation is taking RCPI to a new era of participation and services for members.