Peter Kysel joined Members, visitors and friends at our club meeting in Prague. Peter is an experienced Investment Banker and Consultant and has been actively involved in the voluntary sector since 1986. He spoke to us in his capacity of Board member of the Friends of Czech Heritage, an organisation dedicated to preserving fine examples of Czech architecture. Peter explained that his organisation uses their funds as seed corn to leverage further fund and to set projects off on a path to completion. "Very often a relatively small sum will will demonstrate to others that the project has backing and other grant money will begin to flow" said Peter. The organisation also helps in very practical ways by organising volunteers where willing and able individuals spend time physically working on a project. "no experience necessary" explained Peter "we provide all the know how - you just have to be willing and have a pair of gloves and wellington boots". Expert consultancy to help owners of historic buildings to consider how to preserve the building whilst always bearing in mind that an ultimate purpose and use is really important. "we restore and preserve so that the building has a use. Without this it would fall into disrepair again in 5 years" said Peter. The club thanked Peter for a very interesting and enlightening talk. More at
Peter Kyse