Eckart Baum, CFO of E-ON in Czech Republic gave a fascinating presentation to RCPI Rotarians and guests at our most recent club meeting. Eckart explained the background to the global and European energy industry, the policies of the EU, market forces and decreasing electricity prices on the wholesale trading exchanges whilst the consumer price continues to rise. E-On is particularly innovative and will shortly be splitting the company into two components to focus on generation and energy resources and a second part to focus on the interaction with the consumer.
Eckart went on to describe how energy may have a role in current conflict such as in Ukraine. He showed an interesting map which shows the shale gas deposits in Ukraine and beside it a map of the current conflict zones - the correlation is certainly thought provoking.
The topic really stirred the audience and the questions came in close succession. A big thank you to Eckart for such an insightful presentation
Picture: Gerry Tipple, RCPI (Left), Eckart Baum, EON (Right)