Posted by Christian Noll on May 19, 2017
At our recent club meeting Gerry Tipple awarded members with Activity Point Certificates in recognition of their participation in club activities. RCPI, as one of the most innovative clubs, has introduced a programme which awards points to members for participating in club activities. For example attending a meeting will gain a member one point. There are many other ways to be awarded points including organising events, making donations, participating in committees and many more. The more a member engages in Rotary activities the more points are awarded.
You may ask - "what does one do with points?" Each point is equivalent to $1 which is donated on behalf of the member to The Rotary Foundation. The funding for the programme is generated through the donations made at meetings held throughout the year. Once 1000 points are accumulated, the member will be eligible for a Paul Harris Fellow recognition. So, points really do mean prizes!
You can read all about the Activity Points Programme HERE