Trees for Life
Rotary District of Czech Republic & Slovakia and Rotary Club Prague International have partnered with WeForest to plant trees in Zambia. WeForest have a long track record of successful projects which not only involve planting trees but also creating a sustainable eco system to benefits the community as well as the planet.

The Luanshya district is Zambia's most densely populated region and as a result it's forests have been disappearing. Through a holistic approach that integrates livelihood development with ecological restoration, the project supports farmers to restore the native Miombo woodlands that are disappearing from the region. By employing assisted natural regeneration of of trees and introducing economic activities such as bioenergy and honey production, local communities can restore their forests. The farmer population benefits from diversified jobs, higher incomes and new skills. The project establishes market linkages between small-scale farmers and local private sector companies. In addition, this project looks to aid farmers in obtaining ownership of land in order to secure the sustainability and longetivity of the conservation and livelihood outcomes.


Since the start of the project in the Summer of 2017 we have raised funds sufficient to plant 2300 trees. THANK YOU!


WeForest also have a tracking page which lists the number of trees funded with the funds once transferred to WeForest.




A project like this is all about teamwork and RCPI acknowledges the help and guidance given by: