Speechless reconciliation is a new, ambitious multi-year project of our club.
In the former Yugoslavian countries there are many marginalized youth living in homes for children without parental care. Our objective is to take small groups of these children from different national, religious and ethnic backgrounds and give those kids opportunities to build understanding and create bridges between themselves and to expand their vision of what it is possible to achieve in their own lives.
We believe that prejudices can be overcome by bringing young people together to share ideas and thoughts and take part in common activities. It is in this way that they recognize the things that connect them as human beings. 
In three years we would like to involve at least 30 organizations including houses without parental care, Rotary clubs and other supporting organizations.
This project was founded by one of our newest members in Rotary Club Prague International, Matěj Keka. At its first stage, this project was endorsed by active participation by one of our other new members Tim Belon, together with Gerry Tipple, and Karin Genton-L’Epée.
Our member Linda Štucbartová, who is also a writer for the Czech and Leaders magazine, wrote an article for the mentioned magazine about our Speechless Reconciliation project.

If you would like to read more about where the idea of Speechless reconciliation came from and what was crucial for the success of the first stage of the project, please click here.
For more information, please visit the project's website: https://peaceprojectsrcpi.eu/
You can also donate to Speechless Reconciliation via Darujme.cz