Rotary Club Prague International has a number of officers responsible for the operation of the club as well as committees for the broader areas of operation of the club In addition we have some committees which are created  for specific purposes such as a specific fundraising event.
The RCPI Board
The Board is the overall governance body of our Club. It determines policies and makes major decisions. The Board is chaired by the President of the Club.
Membership Committee

The role of the membership committee is to develop and implement an action plan for membership development. To be effective, a Rotary club needs members. Our club’s ability to serve the community, support The Rotary Foundation, and develop leaders capable of serving Rotary beyond the club level is directly related to the size and strength of its membership base.

The responsibilities of the club membership committee are summarized below:

  • Develop committee goals to achieve club membership goals for the coming year.
  • Educate and train club members about the importance of recruitment and retention of members.
  • Conduct classification surveys to ensure that club members’ occupations and businesses reflect current business and community needs.
  • Develop and deploy new member induction training.
  • Develop a membership action plan to improve member satisfaction that involves surveying members and initiating changes in response to their feedback to ensure that the club remains relevant to its members.
  • Conduct club assessments to ensure that membership development and retention efforts are successful.
  • Work with the public relations committee to create a positive club image that is attractive to prospective and current members.
  • Sponsor newly organized clubs in your district, if applicable.
Community Service Committee
This Committee reviews project ideas, select among all the ideas, approve the ideas once plans and budget are in place, and ultimately forward them to the Board for official approval.
The Main tasks are:
  • Coordinate dates to make sure we don’t run two projects simultaneously, and thereby make sure we have enough resources available to participate in the projects
  • Review project plans, checking that there is a project plan, and time plan, in place with resources assigned and a budget for the the actual running of the projects as well as the expected charity surplus. Especially important to judge the financial risks involved and the cash flow situation.
  • Be a team of experts that can guide other club members and support new project ideas
  • Constantly encourage all club members to initiate projects (also smaller projects). A project can only be successful if someone is burning for the cause and drive the project forward.
  • Share best practices
Rotary Foundation Committee
The objectives of the committee are:
  • Encouraging interest in and raising awareness of The Rotary Foundation, it's activities and achievements.
  • Encouraging individual member contributions to TRF
  • Ensuring that TRF is is represented in club activities and that the club contributes to it.
  • Encouraging and supporting projects that involve TRF grants and aim towards one of TRFs strategic areas of focus.
  • Make recommendations to the board for PHF recognition.
  • Manage the accumulation of PHF recognition points and ensure the transfer from club to individual members according to APs awards agreed by the board.