RCPI has a number of charitable projects active at any one time. If you would like to participate in a fundraising activity please contact us at projects@rcpi.club.
The most significant projects are listed below:
Dragon Boat Charity Challenge 2023
Dragon Boat Charity Challenge is an event which is is fast becoming the premier charity event of a Prague spring. It’s an event that combines team-building, corporate social responsibility, live entertainment and family fun in one great program. The sight of teams of highly motivated paddlers going all out for the finish line makes an exciting spectacle that draws big crowds.
In the past years we raised about CZK 500,000 each year.
Date: Annually - May 13, 2023

Ukraine Crisis Relief 
In March 2022, right after the Russian military invasion to Ukraine, we have received a first donation of CZK 300,000 to support the war refugees that started fleeing from Ukraine. A discussion about how we as a Rotary Club can help started, more donations came, and in April we were able to rent the first house for 12 refugees. In the course of the year, further accommodation was added and, in the meantime, we have been able to accommodate more than 30 people.
Some refugees have gone back to Ukraine and new have arrived. Besides the accommodation, we also provide basic needs such as food, clothes, school items, including computers, and toys. We have many members who actively support the project, be it with monetary donations, donations in kind or with active help such as e.g. warehouse work, deliveries, purchases or administrative work.  
Date: From March 2022 until now
Cycling for Trees 2023

RCPI members are committed to service so naturally that they found new ways to serve through Fellowships. Many fellowships take on service projects leveraging their networks and resources. And so did the group of RCPI developing a charity programme Cycling for Trees - turning their miles into Czech crowns and also seeking sponsors from the club who are not pedaling to support their activity. The finances raised support environmental projects in a form planting trees alongside cycling alleys in cooperation with Nadace Partnerstvi (https://www.nadacepartnerstvi.cz/Co-delame/Projekty/Sazime-budoucnost). 

In 2021, we raised CZK 100,000 to plant an alley near Příbram. In 2022, we raised 120,000 CZK for the alley in Račiněves (Říp area) to commemorate Sr Nicholas Winton.

Date: Annually; April through October

Speechless Reconciliation 2023
This program is referred to as „Speechless Reconciliation“ because not all of the participants have a common language. Although translation will be available, the focus is on young adults (15-21 year) from six different countries finding common ground and comprehending each other without language in common, through body language, facial expressions, tone of voice and other cues. We believe that an initial encounter that is coupled with a longer-term continuity of contact between several groups of these youth can be an engine that helps transform the way they live and think about each other, and contribute to a more stable region.
Date: Annually, August

BurgerFest 2023
Every year we operate a burger stand at BurgerFest in Prague. This is an event where our members and friends can join in and help to make burgers which we sell for charity.
Date: Annually; September

SANANIM Gala Dinner 2023
As in previous years we are organizing the SANANIM Gala Fundraising Dinner once again. The event has grown from year to year and has raised hundreds of thousands of crowns for this worthwhile cause.
Founded in 1990, SANANIM is now one of the largest non-governmental organizations in the Czech Republic that provides complex services in the area of prevention, treatment and re-socialization of non-alcoholic drug addictions. Besides direct services for clients, all facilities offer professional consultations and internships for experts and students.
Date: Annually; October 2023
Registration: not open yet

End Polio Now
In 1985, with the launch of its flagship PolioPlus program, Rotary became the visionary organization to take on the ambitious goal to end polio worldwide. At that time, polio crippled more than 350,000 children per year in 125 countries. Over the next 35 years, we have mobilized other partners, governments, and communities to immunize the world’s children against polio. We’ve kept our promise to work toward eradicating this disease, and the leadership, commitment, and generosity of Rotary members has brought the world 99.9 percent of the way there.
RCPI contributes regularly to End Polio Now through meeting collections, Vesela Koruna.
Date: On-going