We try to keep things simple and this is also true for the way we name our club on the world wide web. As of June the new domain name rcpi.club is active and provides and easy to remember name for our club. Typing it into a web browser will take you to the club website. The existing domain names will of course continue to work as before.
Email addresses for the key positions in the club have also been set up. These include:
  • treasurer@rcpi.club              
  • president@rcpi.club                    
  • secretary@rcpi.club                    
  • membership@rcpi.club  
  • pr@rcpi.club                                
  • enquiries@rcpi.club                     
  • info@rcpi.club                             
  • dragons@rcpi.club
So, if you can't remember the longer domain names or individual email addresses, just mail one of the above.
If you would like a private @rcpi.club email address please let me know and I will arrange a re-route so that mail sent to <yourname>@rcpi.club is routed to your private email address.
Proud to be a Rotarian@RCPI