Four Rotarians from our club spent a week in Rajasthan doing the preliminary assessment of the potential for a WASH [Water Sanitation and Hygiene] project with a Rotary Foundation global grant.
The trip was a great success with many field trips visiting rural communities and schools to make first-hand observations of the drinking water supply, toilet facilities and hygiene standards or lack thereof. These visits served to open our eyes to the poor condition in which most of these rural populations live and the lack of systemic support to health and hygiene in most places
Meetings and presentations were had with three very well respected local NGOs that could be prospective partners and all of their work in the field was quite impressive.
Our members also met with two Rotary clubs from Udaipur who are prospective partners for our project and one of those was particularly positive.
Our general conclusion is that in the rural communities of Udaipur and Rajsamand there is plenty of scope to support improvements in the availability of safe drinking water, the availability and use of toilets and the education and habits of hygiene.