22 Rotarians and friends gathered on February 5.
The guests included Norwegian Rotarian Sam Carsten Aase who comes to our Club whenever he travels from Norway to Prague and Zaza Tsereteli, Georgian by origin by now Norwegian Ministry of Health and Care Services i Tallin, Estonia.
The Club announcements:
·         Come and bring guests to Members for Members event on February 14.
·         Come and join other Prague Rotary Clubs for Prague Rotary Bowling Cup on February 18, from 7 to 9 pm at Radava Bowling Clubs.
·         Start informing Peter Smejcky / Gerry Tipple about Dragon Boats, now it is time to secure marketing and CSR budgets!
Our honorary member, Thomas Tietjen gave a great presentation on Alzheimer disease and its links to vascular risk factors.
Did you know that human body has 100 000 km vessels as the transport organ?
The layer of Endothelium as the control unit for small vessels ranges from 5 000 to 8 000 square kms?
Do you know the equation from Mr. Poiseule for flow rate and friction?
Well, perhaps it is high time you start doing the following to avoid your vessels ageing…
1.       Exercise. Daily. (ask Staffan for the contact to World Class Gym.)
2.       Consume antioxydants (including red wine – consult George).
3.       Eat vegetarian food (go to Mamun´s place more often).
4.       Destress…
5.       Foster social contacts (improve your RI attendance).
6.       Try physical vascular therapy (contact Thomas to lease a special mattrace for a trial period).
Come next time to listen to another brilliant member and excellent speaker, Roman Frkous.
Vesela koruna was happy to bring 1100 CZK.
Until next time,

Yours Club Secretary Linda Stucbartova