This weeks meeting of the Rotary Club International Prague was very well attended with over 20 Rotarians and Friends coming together to meet, enjoy a meal, discuss, listen and learn. And learning was very much the theme of the evening as Jaroslev Vesely and Ilona Babkova introduced the members to the Magic Box. Sometimes the most successful inventions go right back to basics and this is what the Magic Box has achieved. With this entirely Czech invention Jaroslav has recognised that young children learn best in groups and do so whilst interacting playing on the floor. It's just natural. So, he invented a machine which projects an image of an interactive learning game onto the floor. Children absolutely love the concept - playing in groups on the floor whilst learning through interactive multi media. The Magic Box is just that, a box on wheels so that it can be moved from one classroom to another and be ready for action in a matter of seconds.
Members asked lots of questions and Ilona and Jaroslav explained not only the concept but also how they are expanding not only in Czech republic but also world wide with Magic Boxes now installed in Australia, Canada, Russia and the Middle east as well as throughout Europe.
Inevitably the funding of the purchase is a challenge for many pre-school organisations however Jaroslav explained that teaches, once they have seen the Magic Box and have used it in a classroom are absolutely convinced that it significantly enhances the learning experience for children.