Barbora Janeckova visited Rotary Club Prague International and motivated the Members and friends with a passionate presentation about a topic she has been involved with for many years. Helping those who require psychotherapy, however do not have access to the services of a Psychotherapist due to financial or social reasons. it is difficult, if not impossible to obtain psychotherapeutic treatment in the Czech Republic without resorting to private financial means. However on many occasions early intervention can make all the difference before someone slides into a dark place resulting in a spiral of catastrophic consequences.
Barbora recounted one incident of a man who was attacked on a tram. He was not hurt, however lost the confidence to travel by public transport. As a result of this he was absent from work, the consequence of which was that he lost his job. Not being able to pay the rent meant that he lost his apartment and became homeless and so the spiral continues. Luckily The Social Clinic managed to help and with a small number of therapeutic sessions he overcame his fears and is now back at work and living in a new apartment.
The Clinic is funded entirely by charitable means, starting with the donation of their time by a team of over 52 therapists and augmented by donations from the public and other organisations. "Funding is our major issue" said Barbora "the State does not provide these services and because we cannot bear to see people suffering needlessly we founded this charitable organisation".
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