"Ravi" Ravindran and his wife Vanathy met with members of the Czech and Slovak Rotary Clubs in Prague yesterday. Ravi addressed the Members and explained his vision for Rotary and some of the changes he has implemented which will be carried forward by future Presidents. Ravi and Vanathy have been traveling throughout the world, visiting 43 since his appointment in July 2015 and spending only 11 days at home, in Sri Lanka since then. He explained that this was his way of  'giving back' for the tremendous opportunities and friendship Rotary has given him since he joined at the age of 21.
Ravi urged members to engage more with the many youth exchange students in order that they become Members themselves and contribute to doing good for the world and enjoying further opportunities in Rotary. He went on to explain how he, in the role of RI President, contributes to Rotary and gave many examples where his leadership and interventions have brought about good. However Rotary is about the 1.2 million members who are active across the world, doing good. "Operating with transparency and a business oriented approach is the way Rotary will thrive" said Ravi as he gave examples of how concepts from business have been successfully adopted. "Finding funding is no issue if you have a great idea and present it well, explaining the benefits for all concerned" said Ravi, reciting how he raised millions for schools in Sri Lanka following the 2004 tsunami by involving large corporations at a local level.
Ravi hands over the reigns of the RI Presidency to John F. Germ at the end of June 2016.