Posted by Christian Noll on Jun 29, 2019
The 4am start was definitely worth it as we set off on our ride through and around Prague enjoying the short night and early dawn. By 4;30 we saw the night revellers leaving the nightclubs rather unsteady on their feet. By 5:30 the early dog walkers weer out and about for that morning outing with man's best friend. By 7am the city has started to wake up, however few tourists surface unless you happen to be taking wedding pictures with the old town as a backdrop. Street cleaners remove the last evidences of the 'night before' to ready Prague for another day of tourist pictures and enjoyment as the 4th most visited city in Europe after London, Paris and Rome.
At precisely 8.30 (unbelievable timing by Jonathan)  we turn into the tiny square where Cafe Limonada is waiting to serve us delicious coffee and breakfast.
A great way to start the day whilst also raising some funds for charity. CZK 2400 will be donated to the Rotary Foundation.
Setting off at 4am