RCPI Member Josef Simpartl organised a club visit to Sananim, a charity which works hard to help those overcoming drug addiction. Their mission statement includes the following phrase:
'We do not wish to walk indifferently away from those who have lost faith in themselves'
The facility we visited is above Prague 5: a centre which treats men and woman, with their families to get well after the effects of drug addiction. They learn skills along the way, making cheese from their own goats, growing vegetables and also run a cafe in Prague – Cafe Therapy!
For us they laid on some clay works, it was easy to see how this therapy can be helpful, it is relaxing but also consumes the mind, we were very quiet whilst concentrating on various bowls, plates and mugs.  In November RCPI will hold a major fund-raising event for Sananim, as we did last year and it is great to see and hear what work they are doing.  They success rate is around 70% of people being clean after one year and they are the only place in the Czech Republic that accepts broken families, they all need healing. The team at Sananim are caring and compassionate, it takes a special kind of person to work in this type of environment.