A club meeting with a difference - poetry and prose.  RCPI is innovating and this weeks meeting tested out a new format with universal approval. In the delightfully cool surroundings of the old cellars of the Bacelo Hotel, we assembled, enjoyed welcome drinks and tapas food and proceeded to listen to members reciting poems they brought along. The range of material was truly entertaining including Spike Milligan, Sir John Betjeman, Shakespeare, Rudyard Kipling and many more. Some members brought poems they had written themselves and one member composed a poem during the evening. The fast fire limericks were much enjoyed by all.
A super evening with a difference which was only temporarily interrupted by the 8pm bell marking the end of the official meeting however continued on with more poems and prose. The members and guests also heard about the virtues and tremendous literary output of the Czech Republics most famous poet, writer and inventor: Jára Cimrman.