The Rotarians set off this morning on the Midsummer Dawn Cycle Ride around Prague. Despite a little drizzle of rain, the spirits were high as the group wound their way through the streets of the city visiting significant landmarks along the way such as Vysehrad Castle, Old Town Square, The Žižkov Television Tower, Prague Castle, Petrin Park and many more. The drizzle ceased half way through the ride, spirits rose and the pace quickened.
At 5am on a Saturday morning the city is quite different from the buzzing tourist metropolis which it will become again just a few hours later. The last party goers are on their way home, there are few cars about and those which are navigating the streets are mostly taxis taking home the revellers who started their fun many hours before on Friday evening. The early dog walkers are out as well as of course the deliveries bringing fresh produce to the cities hotels and restaurants. As we ride there is a light scent of rain on cobbled streets, blossom opening and the occasional whiff of freshly baked bread emanating from the many bakeries which have been busy throughout the night.
At 8:30 the ride returns to Mala Strana and we enjoy a hearty breakfast at Cukrkávalimonáda who have opened their doors especially early for us on this occasion. Petr has organised a quiz and the riders, strengthened by food and coffee, complete question, solve riddles and identify pictures with a prize at stake. We also raised 6000 Czk for charity along the way!
A big thanks goes to Petr Smejcky for organising the event. If you enjoy this kind of event and want to find out more, come ans join us at one of our regular Thursday evening meetings. Everyone is welcome.