Dear Rotary Friends,
Christmas is just round the corner.....
Many of you have given generously. Bodo Hauswald, president of RC Bratislava Danube has told me of his club’s support of 3,650 EUR for Slovak volunteers who work as ambulance volunteers. Many individuals and clubs support Rotary projects. Rotary punch (mulled wine) and other drinks waft through numerous market squares and shopping centres with the proceeds already designated to specific causes. Sincere Rotary thank you to you all. Rotary is not only about finance. Support and work for Rotary and for our communities cannot always be counted financially. Organising trips, special evenings, normal club activities and help to the disadvantaged is all part and parcel of club life. And so also for this activity, I sincerely thank you.
As a small gift to our not so computer literate Rotary friends, I have arranged for the input of missing club officials onto the RI database! Presidents and Secretaries of clubs now have the opportunity, after logging into:, to edit their members‘ details, and before the end of 2015 to in put all elected officials for the Rotary year 2016 - 2017, including the Executive Secretary position . At the same time as reminding you of club elections, I wish to remind you to nominate Rotarians for the position of District Governor 2018/19 (instructions and form is attached).
During my club visits, I have been asked about the fate of the publication „Opava Rotarian“ , which many received and then for quite a while it did not appear. I have good news for you; the Opava Rotarian lives again:
I would like to wish you all and your families a wonderful, peaceful and enjoyable Christmas season, and much good health and energy in the New Year, as well as great friendship within clubs and during multi club gatherings across the District.
And don’t forget to be „A gift to the World“
Vladimír Adámek