16 Rotarians and 5 guests attended the Club meeting.  Guests included exchange student Lara, Martin Sebek and his son Simon, Martin Zikmund and Jiří Bavor.
Members were informed the results of on-line voting.  Members agreed to apply for Pilot Project on the topic „Flexible and Innovative Club“.  This project is aimed at increasing membership via introducing possibilities of family and corporate memberships.
It can bring the change in meetings set up (more project meetings as opposed to formal club meetings) and different rules with regards to attendance – priority given to project work.
Check the district website for your entries with regards to publishing RI Club Directory.  Deadline March 31.
In case you need an assistance, please ask Sanan for help.
Karin mentioned the idea of making use of the requirements of certain schools for Community / volunteer work with regards to RI projects.
Put in your diaries dates and events Petr Smejcky is organizing.
Last but not least, check the list of companies Petr Smejcky is going to send with regards to Dragon Boats participation.
The Toast went to the town of Alhmult.
Yours in Rotary
Linda Štucbartová, Club Secretary