Dear Rotary Friends,

The month of February is full of significant events in our Rotary lives, as Rotary Clubs traditionally organise benefit balls, and other such gatherings, as a result of which they can implement their projects to help others. In February on the 23rd specifically, we remember, our 110th anniversary of the establishment of our international organisation, and this day is also the Day of International Understanding. It is also the time of rekindling of our contacts across borders, which have brought us so much Rotary fellowship and friendship. In some clubs, we have forgotten these contacts and have focused in, on ourselves, which cuts us off from friendships, as well as our ability to prepare projects together.

International Service is a focus from another angle, and that on POLIO Plus the eradication of childhood polio. Truly, we are so close to the complete eradication of this polio virus from the world, and Rotarians throughout the world are fulfilling their promise of its eradication, helped modestly by our own help.

International Service is also mirrored in our Youth Service our Youth Exchange Committee is working hard with all inbound students in our District, organising for them the best possible conditions, so that they can in the future be the carriers of understanding and peace back to their own countries. They focus too on our outbound students, who represent our two republics so well.

The month of February, is also a month, when we prepare plans for the new Rotary Year. The best place for getting information, the full background, and above all, inspiration, is PETS President Elect Training Seminar and District Training Assembly - which will take place in Olomouc on 13th 15th March 2015. I look forward to meeting the future Presidents and Secretaries, who will lead our clubs in the Rotary year 2015-2016. Please find the detailed invitation from DGE Vladimir Adamek in Appendix 8-1.

In Appendix 8-2, you will find the proposed draft Bye Laws for District 2240, which the District Legislative Committee drafted in accordance with the District Conference 2014 resolution, and is therefore here submitted for discussion at Club level. If you have any comments, please send them to the Chair of the District Legislative Committee, Dr František Vavroch: by 10.3.2015, so that the proposed Bye Laws can then be put to the District Training Assembly in Olomouc for approval.

Yours in Rotary,

Jozefa Poláková, DG 2240, 2014/2015