We are hosting an exclusive charity screening of the movie THE DEVIL´S MISTRESS (Czech title: Lída Baarová) on Friday April 15th at 6pm in the KINO ATLAS,  Sokolovská 1, Praha 8.
At this point all tickets have been allocated. If you would like a standby ticket please contact tickets@rcpi.club
In this screening we show the international version of the movie (the German-Czech version with english subtitles), and it´s the only opportunity to watch this version – therefore we recommend the screening for all German- and English-speaking Friends. For those of you who already have seen the Czech version in the cinemas, it could be also very interesting to see the differences between the two versions and to hear the main stars as Karl Markovics (Goebbels) or Gedeon Burkhard (Froehlich) with their original voices.
We are proud to announce you that some members of the film crew and some actors will personally participate in this screening, and will make an introduction about the history of the film before the screening. They will be also available for your questions.
THE DEVIL´S MISTRESS is one of the internationally most successful Czech movies of the last two decades. In the Czech and Slovac cinemas the films has around 450.000 admissions.
We are looking forward to see you at this unique cultural event.