“When the new Czech civil code was introduced I realized that it was time to make a will. Reaching 70 years of age encouraged this thought too. I also had the idea that after taking care of my children and grandchildren, I wanted to leave a permanent legacy of doing good in the world,” says Gerry Tipple of Prague International Rotary Club.  “The Rotary Foundation gives us all the opportunity to establish such a legacy by making a commitment to the endowment fund.  So I finalized my will to include a gift to The Rotary Foundation.  The gift will establish an Endowed Fund for Basic Education and Literacy.  This means that the income from my bequest will be used to support education and literacy grant projects around the world. People that know me know that I’ve been involved in educational projects in India for several years.  The fund I have created will continue to support educational projects, designed and implemented by Rotarians, long after I am gone.”
Gerry’s decision represents a milestone for District 2240, as he is the first Rotarian in the Czech Republic and in the district to become a member of the Rotary Foundation’s Bequest Society.  The Bequest Society honors individuals or couples who have made commitments in their estate plans of US $10,000 or more: globally, more than 11,250 Rotarians have already made this commitment. With a gift or commitment of US $25,000 or more to the endowment, any Rotarian can establish a personalized fund to support the area of focus of the donor’s choosing.  Last year, the endowment fund provided more than US $10.7M in support for Rotary Foundation programs.
During his presentation, Gerry asked members of his club: “How many of you have taken a look at your finances and written a proper will?  Do you know what will happen to your money after you are gone?  If you haven’t already thought about the legacy you will leave, I encourage you to do so soon.  You don’t have to be wealthy to be philanthropic, and it would be natural for you to consider The Rotary Foundation as a means to achieving your goals.  Prague International’s motto is ‘Having fun doing good,’ but research has convinced me that ‘having fun’ is over when we die. However, we can all continue to do good beyond the grave through our Foundation.”
A presentation on Czech inheritance law and tax is planned for club members.  Contact Gerry Tipple at gerry.tipple@gmail.com for more details.  Download the “Your Rotary Legacy” brochure at https://www.rotary.org/en/endowment-fund, or contact David Neumann, Endowment and Major Gift Advisor for Zone 19 (neumannjerusalem@hotmail.com) or Elizabeth Lamberti, Fund Development Advisor at the RI Europe-Africa Office (elizabeth.lamberti@rotary.org) for additional information on legacy giving.
Gerry Tipple is presented with the Bequest Society pin and crystal as a token of thanks from The Rotary Foundation.
Pictured:  Elizabeth Lamberti, Fund Development Advisor, RI Europe-Africa Office
Gerry Tipple, Past President, Prague International Rotary Club
Petr Smejcky, 2015-16 President, Prague International Rotary Club.