The club was spectacularly honoured at the 2010 District 2240 conference in Trebic. Firstly, the club as a whole received the Presidential Citation for Strengthening Rotary's Future through exemplary action and leadership. Secondly, an award for exceptional service to the District was given to President Kraig. Only outstanding leadership could have enabled us to accomplish all we did this year. Thirdly, the exceptional service of PE Irena was recognised with the award of a Paul Harris Fellowship - and well deserved too. Finally, Gerry Tipple was awarded the prestigious Tomas Bata Award for service on major projects, especially those involving matching Rotary grants. And...


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As if that wasn't enough to turn your head, the DG paid tribute to the fact that we, through David Rowsell, had established the first ever Inter Act club in our District. Compliments were also made by a visiting GSE team about our Dragon Boat event and recognition given to us for being one of two clubs tied for the greatest Polio campaign contributions.

No wonder Kraig and Irena look happy, but how on earth are we going to follow a year like that!!