Dear Rotary Friends,

Following on from our spring holidays, we see and feel nature around us in all its renewed energy – this has influence on all our activities, even our Rotary activities. Two weeks ago, all future Club Presidents and Secretaries met at PETS and District Training, so that under the DGE Vladimir Adamek’s conductors baton ‚they gained inspiration and information for the new Rotary year 2015- 2016.
The month of April in our Rotary calendar is Magazine Month. As you know, it a Rotarian’s duty and right to receive a Rotarian magazine, either The Rotarian, or a regional publication like in our District, our own „ROTARY GOOD NEWS“ (RGN). Its not uninteresting that we belong to that greater proportion of the Rotary world who have their very own magazine. If you are curious about which regions or districts have their own magazine, this you can find on: Rotary World Magazine Press.

I was even more proud of our magazine, when the April information for DGs from the European Office of RI displayed a regional magazine and it was our own RGN! It is the magazine for all of us, which helps us be informed about Club activities in our District and about The Rotary Foundation; the English supplement we provide is very highly regarded by many Rotarians, publishers and other readers! Sometimes, when visiting clubs, I hear the view that our magazine gives more information from the Rotary world but less about our own club activities. The Editorial Board of RGN brings us the specific material sent from RI HQ – this is a requirement under our licence to publish a regional magazine – and in many cases, this is the only way we are informed about Rotary activities worldwide. So I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who, regularly or only sometimes, send articles to RGN and also to the Editorial Board, who has managed to make our magazine one of the best!
I would very much like to welcome a new club into our District, RC Ostrava City, who were chartered on 4.2.2015, and also our District’s first satellite club: Karlovy Vary Spa Satellite Club of RC Most. Welcome into our Rotary District 2240 family! We have received information that RIP Gary Huang has named his Representative to our District Conference in Kosice (22-25.5.2015), and it will be PDG Moshe Yoan from Israel. So I also remind you to register for the District Conference – see attached. Please do not miss this unique opportunity to participate in the 3rd District Conference in Kosice / the first was in 1935, second in 2009. Finally, I would like to ask all those clubs who during the winter months focused their activities on supporting the eradication of Polio – project POLIO, to send these funds as soon as possible to our
District account (name of club, plus word: POLIO), so that the District can send these contributions to RI before the end of the Rotarian Year, as is required. Please send information on your contribution also to Pawel Jurkiewicz, RC Piestany (member of District TRF team): Those of us who wish to find out more about Rotary and meet with RC President Gary Huang, still have time to register for the President’s Conference in Graz 24-25.4.2015, which is focused on the 25th anniversary of re-establishing Rotary in Central and East Europe. Arising from the resolution at the District Training Gathering in Olomouc, the District Legislative Committee will distribute and send out the D2240 Bye Law to each club for their comments, so that the final version can be agreed by the District Conference in Kosice. I wish to thank everyone, including clubs who are working together on this important document.
Yours in Rotary,
Jozefa Poláková,
DG RI D 2240