13 Rotarians and 3 guests gathered at hospital Na Frantisku in Prague for an excursion with the aim to provide books, mugs, hygienic supplies and printing paper to the hospital Na Frantisku in Prague.

This unique hospital is one of the longest serving hospitals within the region of Central Europe, having a continuous history of providing medical services from 1354.  The hospital was always given special attention from the sovereigns, from Charles IV. to Ferdinand d´Este.  Before the WW I, it had 200 beds and was the largest hospital in Prague area.  The group was given a special tour around gardens, dining hall and other premises.  As the hospital is now funded from Prague municipality budget, it always looks for some material and or financial support.

If you have missed the visit, just contact Gabriela Kozlova at gkozlova@seznam.cz if you speak Czech and if you don’t please contact Sanan Phutrakul at sanan@seznam.cz and he’ll translate/relay messages to provide donations in form of needed supplies.