We are set for our annual members for members dinner party, Saturday 14 February 2015 from 19:00 at Malostranska Beseda. The theme of this year's party will be 1920s prohibition, so ladies and gents please get your period dress ready. If you need inspiration, please do an online image search for "Boardwalk Empire".
Real machine guns will not be allowed, however, food and "booze" will be available in copious amounts.  The venue is the appropriately named "Trick Bar" at Malostranska Beseda, which has a capacity of about 100. The Trick Bar is comprised of 4 rooms: a sit-down bar, a dance floor with stage, and two lounges/saloons. The place looks like a "speak easy," that used to be very popular during the 1920s in the US.
The evening will include cold/hot buffet, unlimited beer/wine/non-alcoholic drinks, an cash bar serving spirits. Entertainment will be provided by the 11-member Miloslav Novotny Jazz Swing Orchestra. There will be a couple of surprises awaiting you.
All this for an entry of 1,200 Kc! More details to follow, including a formal invitation and how to book your places.