Rotary Club Prague International has introduced an innovative programme to reward members for their participation in Rotary International activities which at the same time, ensures that the club contributes regularly to The Rotary Foundation. The programme is called Activity points and is believed to be unique in the world of Rotary . The scheme is documented in the club bylaws and replaces the previous Rotary bylaws relating to attendance and participation.
Points are awarded to Members for active participation for example:
  •     Attendance at a regular, ad hoc or fun meeting of the club
  •     Participating in a club committee or project team meeting
  •     Attending a meeting of other Rotary clubs
  •     Organising, helping or taking part in a club project, fund raising activity or social event.
  •     Introducing new members to the club
  •     Bringing paying guests to club events
  •     Hosting YES students 
  •     Donating cash or value in kind to a club fund-raising event or to the club’s charity reserves
  •     Accepting responsibility as a club officer or director or committee member
  •     Accepting responsibility as a District or Zone officer

Members will be awarded activity recognition points [APs] according to the scale approved by the board at the beginning of each year. The secretary, the Service committee chair and the The Rotary Foundation committee chair will maintain the record of activity and will submit it to the board for approval at the end of each half year. The President and the TRF chair will not earn activity points and will adjudicate in case of the board failing to agree on any member’s award.
Members achieving over 100 activity points will be presented with certificates recognising their exceptional participation. A full list of points gained by members will not be published.
The club will donate to The Rotary Foundation Annual Programme amounts which over the medium term will equal $1 for each AP awarded to all members and will transfer Recognition Points to individual members according to the number of APs they have been awarded. The Treasurer swill ensure that club donations are made half-yearly and the TRF chair will put forward transfer of Recognition Points forms to The Rotary Foundation.

Funding for the donations to The Rotary Foundation will come from the Vesele Koruna or “Happy Crown” weekly collection at club meetings and as needed partly from fund-raising activities to be decided by the board to maintain the club’s charitable reserves, or other events organized specifically for raising funds for The Rotary Foundation.
All members, except new members who joined during the current period and members given leave of absence, are expected to engage in the life of the club and earn at least 10 activity points in each half year. The Membership Committee chair will contact members who do not reach this level and will make a recommendation to the board concerning the continued membership of individuals who do not actively participate in the life of the club.